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ONS Dinner Lecture

"ITP and WinPho"

Location: 3660 on the Rise

Thursday,October 30, 2014   ~   6pm

Presented by: Dr. Amy Patel, PharmD


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October 30, 2014 Dinner Lecture

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If my membership has expired, I will pay the non-member fee until my membership is renewed and in good standing. I alone am responsible for maintaining my membership.
3. CANCELLATIONS. The cut-off for cancellations is 9am the day before the program. If I cancel after this time, I still have to pay the fee*.
4. NO-SHOW. If I am a no-show to the dinner lecture, I will still have to pay the fee*. I will not be allowed to sign up for future dinner lectures until I have paid the fee.
5. PAYPAL. I will pay through PayPal if I have an account.
*$10.00 member, $20.00 non-member

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